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28 May

The driver, in his 60s, was slumped over the wheel while his wife tried to take control of the truck and in the process plowed through a home’s fence and then went through another house’s carport, shed and laundry room.

McFarland was inside at the time of the crash and says it sounded and looked like a bomb went off.

The truck scattered all of his family’s possessions before coming to a stop at a third home, knocking out its electricity.

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North side’s dry, folks.

26 May

Wofford said cleanup crews spent eight full hours cleaning the park Sunday and were back out early Monday morning to finish picking the litter left behind. Of particular concern to Garland were the more than 300 beer bottles that were picked up in the Ferry Shoals northern section of the park. “There’s not supposed to be any alcohol on the north side of Ridge Ferry Park,” Garland said. “It looks like a bomb went off. We’re not equipped to send 10-man crews out to pick up garbage.”

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Dirt bomb.

24 May

David Harville was headed north on I-35 Monday about 20 miles south of Oklahoma City.

“There’s a plowed field over there and it just exploded like a bomb went off,” said Harville.  “The dirt just went vertical 200 feet up.”

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The unknown.

21 May

“It sounded like a bomb went off,” the woman told the newspaper. “I don’t know how he is alive. I don’t know how this man survived the accident.”

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19 May

“It all started after we had my mother-in-law over for dinner on Mother’s Day,” Burton said Tuesday.

“When she was going home she bent over to put on her shoes and it was like a bomb went off in her head and we called 911. She was taken to Credit Valley Hospital for a CT scan and they found two aneurisms that had erupted.

“Credit Valley didn’t have a neurosurgeon and neither did Trillium Hospital. There was one at Toronto Western but he was in surgery. Then 40 minutes later we found out there wasn’t a bed there and they couldn’t take her.

“We were told if we wait she was going to die because it was a massive hemorrhage. We were told … the closest hospital that could take her was in Buffalo.”

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No more Wi-Fi.

17 May

Dixie Kenner had to break the news over the phone to her friend about his house. She pulled a computer out of the rubble, but little else could be salvaged.

“It looks like a bomb went off,” Kenner said.

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A war zone.

16 May

Eyewitnesses told of snowmobilers scrambling to escape the tidal wave of snow that came crashing down from the mountain’s ridge on Saturday, claiming the lives of two 33-year-old men from Alberta, Kurtis Reynolds and Shay Snortland. It was “like a bomb went off, a war zone,” said Kathy Berlingette, the owner of Smokey Bear Campground Resort at the foot of the mountain.

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