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Fizzy is not always good.

31 Jul

Miss Combe, who is originally from Australia, said: “It started fizzing beyond control and exploded like a bomb in my face. I picked up the hose and started hosing myself right down but I couldn’t open my eyes. I got in the outside shower and tried to stay under it. I was hyperventilating beyond belief but I knew I had to hold the shower over myself.”

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Cherries. Literally.

30 Jul

A perfectly ripe one caught my eye. I was surprised that the trees had borne fruit so quickly. It was good to eat, too. The next couple I tried were on the sour side, but nice enough for me to keep on trying them. It was the fourth or fifth that was the monster. A perfect mouthful like a bomb going off on my tongue. It was one of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten and I began to gather them in earnest. I hadn’t thought there were very many, but the more I picked, the more I found. I was beyond my worries, beyond time inside a bowl of cherries.

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Now offering underground parking!

29 Jul

Novotny said her son had been headed to the parking garage just before the collapse when he received a phone call and went back up to the apartment.

“It sounded like a bomb exploding,” she said.

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Who the #$*& is Jackson Pollock?

28 Jul

“He was like a bomb waiting for someone to push a button and then blow up,” Mr. Vaccaro said. “You had this feeling in his presence. He was tense, as if he felt he was on a mission.”

But when Mr. Vaccaro, on assignment for Look magazine, visited the couple that day, Pollock was in a looser mood.

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Ever the angry god.

28 Jul

“There was a flash and a bang, all at the same time,” said Dr. Mark Ashworth, the church’s pastor. “I was in the adjacent building but at the window, so I heard it, it was a loud bang, sounded like a bomb went off.”

Members spotted the damaged steeple.

“It was laying down on the roof of the church and I was rather startled to say the least,” said Ashworth.

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Mmmm… po’boys.

27 Jul

The oyster is to Louisiana what corn is to Iowa or oranges to Florida — part sustenance, part identity. The ingenuity of the region’s chefs turned out oyster fritters, oysters Bienville and oyster po’ boys. They gave birth to oysters Rockefeller, reportedly named after oil baron John D. Rockefeller — the only thing richer than the sauce.

So in this state, the loss strikes like a bomb.

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Sounds like Gary, Ind., right?

26 Jul

Just two years ago, Pratt sponsored an ordinance to give the city the authority to clean private property and charge the owners.

At the time, Pratt said, “Everybody knows the city looks horrible. It looks like a bomb hit it.”

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