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Coy indeed.

25 Jul

“We have always had sex, but information on this topic was practically nonexistent,” said Yelena Khanga, who hosted Russia’s first talk show about sex in the 1990s, coyly named “About That.” In general,” she said, “it was not acceptable to speak about sex.”

She said that when she started her show, which for the first time openly confronted topics like H.I.V./AIDS, homosexuality and workplace sexual harassment, “it was like a bomb went off.”

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24 Jul

Two giant trees that lined No. 12 near 52nd Street were uprooted and landed on an aluminum fence. A concrete sidewalk nearby also was broken by the fallen trees.

“It was a like a bomb went off,” Boone said. “There were tree limbs and debris everywhere, and trash cans on the course were thrown from tee boxes to the other side. It was a huge mess, and we haven’t had a situation like this before other than from flooding.”

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31 … 32 … 33 …

23 Jul

Larry Wood, physical facilities manager for the West Lafayette Community School Corp., said the damage to Cumberland Elementary was remarkable.

“It looked like a bomb went off,” he said. “I came in here Saturday night and there was just water pouring out of the ceiling.”

High winds from the thunderstorm peeled off six four-foot strips of metal trim from the sides of the building. The heavy, jagged strips appeared to have skipped across the rubber roof, leaving 34 holes, Wood said.

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Sounds charming.

22 Jul

Described as “looking like a bomb site” by Far North Mayor Wayne Brown, the pub has also come to the attention of his council staff. Last week they posted a “dangerous building” notice and ordered that the remains of the bar be closed off and made weather-tight.

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Disappointingly slim.

21 Jul

“We’re going to do the odds on this,” said Russell Babb. “I got to figure out with the kids, what the odds are of your teacher getting struck by lightning.”

Babb, who was driving to meet his brother for lunch, said it sounded like a bomb. Concrete flew everywhere, he said.

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The scene also shared qualities with a burning building.

20 Jul

SURREY – It looked like a bomb dropped on a west Newton neighbourhood late Monday afternoon as an industrial building sent up massive columns of billowing jet-black smoke that obscured the blue sky and fogged out nearby streets.

CB: Apologies for the title on this post. Maybe the purpler examples are getting to me.

(If the bomb were unexpected, that is.)

19 Jul

Roman Polanski’s second escape from American justice has left his pursuers tongue-tied.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is shocked by the Swiss government’s decision early Monday not extradite the Oscar-winning director back to America. “This was totally unexpected,” a source at the DA’s office told TheWrap, “it hit us like a bomb.”

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