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Tall, half-caf shrapnel-ccino, please.

29 Sep

This is not your normal cup of Joe. In Sainsbury’s, in Farnborough, Hampshire, a coffee machine went off like a bomb injuring several people.

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Not you, too, New York.

28 Sep

Kyle Dolinger, a tree specialist with Urban Arborists Inc. in Brooklyn, said, “The phones haven’t stopped ringing….I haven’t even been able to call everyone back yet.”

He said that in his 10 years in the business, this storm “is the worst I’ve seen.” He said that in Park Slope, “there are parts where it looks like a bomb exploded.”

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Not a “smart” bomb, though.

27 Sep

But doctors who oppose Prop. 203 said marijuana can be just as sedating and addictive as prescription pills. Peairs said THC affects multiple sites in the brain rather than just focusing on pain receptors, she said. “Essentially, marijuana’s activity in the brain is like a bomb. What we need for pain relief is a sniper, targeting the pain receptors only,” she said.

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No running, horseplay, chicken fights, or litigation allowed at the pool.

26 Sep

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – The owner of a Kentuckiana pool company is facing a flood of complaints from his customers. One family said “it looked like a bomb went off” after the work went bad. But the owner of the pool company said the problems weren’t his fault. Now, everyone is trying to dig out of the mess.

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Don’t drink the water.

24 Sep

Messer explains that first-time users believe they might fall asleep and drown. The reality is, he says, is that you become hypersensitive.  “Your reptilian mind takes over,” Messer says. “The tiger is still out there in the jungle, but you can’t see, hear or smell him.” The result is an amazing consciousness of your own body, your own thoughts, your breathing. It’s true: I swallowed once and it sounded like a bomb went off in the tank.

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23 Sep

“It sounded like a bomb went off,” said homeowner Judy Liner, 62, who was inside 2767 Bayou Dularge Road with her husband, shrimper Buddy Liner, when the bolt hit. “I thought it had struck a power pole.”

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Also, the Nissan was a Mercedes carved from pure gold.

23 Sep

He quickly realized a white Chevy Suburban had crashed through his neighbor’s detached garage, totaling their prized 2007 Nissan 350Z.

“I heard a loud noise,” Wolfrey said. “It sounded like a bomb went off. It was pretty scary.”

High said her Nissan had only 4,000 miles on it and was used primarily for leisurely rides.

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