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Inter-species terrorism.

22 Sep

The tree’s impact destroyed the van, and only some seats in its midsection kept the roof from caving in completely, a manager at a local automotive dealership said.

“The seats stopped the roof  from collapsing all the way,” said Assistant Manager Anthony Peretti of Cole Chevrolet-Cadillac GMC in Bluefield. “It’s like a bomb went off. It just demolished it. It knocked the doors off, it hit so hard.”

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Fresh from the freezer.

22 Sep

“They made it look easy. It wasn’t,” said Kirkes, who prefers to read cookbooks over novels in bed at night. “The first time we met it was awful. We were at my house all day and the meals weren’t finished. It looked like a bomb went off in my kitchen. When my husband saw it he asked, ‘Well, is everyone coming back to clean up?’ ”

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An “argie-bargie”?

21 Sep

Tim Akers, prosecuting, said: “The defendant came at Ms Boksh, grabbed her by her hair and shoulders and pulled her down. The defendant and the other female came at her.

“One was holding her down while the other struck her. She felt a barrage of kicks to her legs and back.

“The restaurant looked a mess, like a bomb had gone off. There was blood on the bar itself.”

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Wait, you’re not going to quote me, are you?

21 Sep

A neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was the first to show up after the crash.

“I was just sitting there reading a magazine, and it sounded like a bomb went off,” he said.

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The fun part? Justin Bieber.

19 Sep

The fun part ends on Sept. 7. After that, the clean-up.

“It’s like a bomb went off,” said Cashman, speaking of the event’s cleanup. “You’re talking about going to a peak and dropping straight down.”

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Because you have no mental picture of hurricane damage.

18 Sep

When Al Figueroa drove into Gulfport, Miss., in late August 2005, he was expecting to see storm damage. Instead, he saw what looked to him like the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.

“My first impression, honestly? I said, “This reminds me of Hiroshima,’ ” said the 48-year-old Howell dad. “There was not a leaf on a tree. It looked like a bomb went off. The stench in the air . . . it was almost hard to breathe.”

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Poor people = debris.

17 Sep

Driving into the heart of downtown Chicago we ventured off the interstate to check out the adjoining neighbourhoods. It was all pretty normal until we rolled into the towns of Forest Park and Cicero. These two communities border Chicago on the west. As we drove through it was like a bomb went off.

The pockets of poverty were an eye-opener for my kids. This wasn’t Vancouver’s Lower East Side, skid row kind of despair. These were real neighbouroods with folks hanging out on street corners and kids playing in the streets. But it was clearly a ghetto. It wasn’t lost on my ten and twelve year old children that pretty much everybody on the streets were either Latino or African American.

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