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Hoot given.

16 Sep

What was left was a respectable atmosphere that any student or alumnus would be proud to show off to strangers unfamiliar with the way things were just nine months ago in what has become ground zero for the Slumdawgs.

“It looked like a bomb went off here,” Stephen Southwick said of the old days. “That’s been solved.”

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Won’t somebody think of the Neon?

15 Sep

Breeden kicked in the door and ran in. He was passed by a dog happy to escape.

“[I was] just yelling, couldn’t find anybody, I couldn’t see at all,” he said. “It was totally black. [The] electric was blowing up back there, flames everywhere. It sounded like a bomb went off every 20-30 seconds.”

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Easy on the b-word, fella.

14 Sep

“It’s kind of like ‘thank God,’ but at the same time, he (Jones) still sparked this huge thing, it’s like a bomb went off,” said Marawan Bakir, from Albany.

It has been a painful week for Bakir, an American Muslim.

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San Bruno.

13 Sep

California Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado said he was shocked by the “horrible tragedy.”

“It looks like a bomb went off,” he said. “I saw debris everywhere. It was a huge explosion.”

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Given Pakistan, who woulda thunk this wasn’t literal?

18 Aug

Friday 6 August: I’m standing in a street in Nowshera, two hours from the capital. It looks like a bomb has gone off. I’m in what used to be a thriving market place. Now the shops are shut, the stock ruined and swept away.

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Followed by a government moneybomb.

17 Aug

The heat that was rising by mid-morning last Thursday was nothing compared to the amount generated on April 2 of last year, when neighbors said the lightning strike that night “sounded like a bomb going off.” Fire departments from Murray County and Polk County, Tenn., arrived quickly to contain the blaze, but the bread-and-butter of the business — the sawmill — was destroyed.

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Too soon, Atlanta? Guess not.

16 Aug

“It looks like a bomb went off,” Norcross historian Sally Toole said. “If you drove down the road right now, you would say, ‘Ooh, what a mess.’ This could be a nice way to polish it off.”

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