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Oh, I get it. A hoon.

10 Aug

“To boast about it to acquaintances shows you just don’t understand the risks you’re taking and the effect on yourself and others in the community.

“At those speeds, if you’d hit something, it would have been like a bomb going off. You wouldn’t have survived, but you probably would have taken someone with you.”

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Disappointingly slim.

21 Jul

“We’re going to do the odds on this,” said Russell Babb. “I got to figure out with the kids, what the odds are of your teacher getting struck by lightning.”

Babb, who was driving to meet his brother for lunch, said it sounded like a bomb. Concrete flew everywhere, he said.

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Speaking with authority.

15 Jul

An Australian woman who was a survivor of the Marriott Hotel bombing in Jakarta in 2009 was among the diners. “It sounded like a bomb. I’ve been in a bombing so I thought it was a bomb,” the woman said.

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All up in his business.

3 Jul

Andrew Wambach was inside his garden center business when he heard a loud sound.

“It sounded like a bomb went off,” he said. “The entire front of the (SUV) was in flames … It was very traumatic.”

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Kaleidoscope of pain.

17 Jun

SPRINGFIELD – Landscaper Christopher W. Pike remembers a kaleidoscope of pain, confusion and horror on Monday morning.

“It was like a bomb went off. It was horrible,” he remembers of the accident on Wilbraham Road which left his boss, David Deveno, and Deveno’s 11-year-old son hospitalized with serious injuries.

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Rise and shine.

15 Jun

Another witness, the upstairs tenant of the home that was hit, said it sounded like a bomb went off when the vehicle slammed into the house just below where he was lying in bed.

“It pretty much knocked me right out of bed, right onto my feet,” Joe Santbergen said.


28 May

The driver, in his 60s, was slumped over the wheel while his wife tried to take control of the truck and in the process plowed through a home’s fence and then went through another house’s carport, shed and laundry room.

McFarland was inside at the time of the crash and says it sounded and looked like a bomb went off.

The truck scattered all of his family’s possessions before coming to a stop at a third home, knocking out its electricity.

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