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Speaking with authority.

15 Jul

An Australian woman who was a survivor of the Marriott Hotel bombing in Jakarta in 2009 was among the diners. “It sounded like a bomb. I’ve been in a bombing so I thought it was a bomb,” the woman said.

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All up in his business.

3 Jul

Andrew Wambach was inside his garden center business when he heard a loud sound.

“It sounded like a bomb went off,” he said. “The entire front of the (SUV) was in flames … It was very traumatic.”

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Steak Quesadilla Towers are for people.

22 Jun

Customers at a Batavia restaurant got a bit of a fright Sunday night when a deer came crashing through the window. The four-legged intruder smashed its way into an Applebees around seven o clock. One customer says the deer nearly slid into the booth next to his before veering away.

Bruce Beck described, “It was like a bomb hitting because of all the glass crashing.”

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Two out of four ain’t bad.

20 Jun

State troopers were chasing the car, but when speeds continued to increase, they terminated the pursuit. About six blocks later, the car failed to negotiate a turn and slammed into the home. The owners were asleep at the time and say it sounded like a bomb went off.

When troopers arrived they found two people inside the car, however both the driver and another passenger took off on foot.

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19 Jun

Upon arrival, officers saw they were dealing with an unusual situation, as the trailer full of recycled newspaper was ripped open and creased in the middle.

“I was in my house and when it hit, it sounded like a bomb went off,” said a long-time Prather Avenue resident.

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Lucky indeed. (Loosening the requirements.)

16 Jun

Other residents thought the crash sounded like a bomb going off.

“There was black smoke everywhere and a really strong smell of gasoline,” said Leo Lovito, 30. “It’s very lucky it didn’t hit the school.”

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Rise and shine.

15 Jun

Another witness, the upstairs tenant of the home that was hit, said it sounded like a bomb went off when the vehicle slammed into the house just below where he was lying in bed.

“It pretty much knocked me right out of bed, right onto my feet,” Joe Santbergen said.