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So you know it wasn’t gastrointestinal.

12 Aug

COLUMBUS — Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor defused one bomb — actually, what sounded like a bomb — and dropped one of his own Sunday.

Pryor was behind a podium inside Ohio Stadium, addressing the media after the players posed in uniform for their team photo, when the microphone suddenly sounded like it was going to explode.

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Coy indeed.

25 Jul

“We have always had sex, but information on this topic was practically nonexistent,” said Yelena Khanga, who hosted Russia’s first talk show about sex in the 1990s, coyly named “About That.” In general,” she said, “it was not acceptable to speak about sex.”

She said that when she started her show, which for the first time openly confronted topics like H.I.V./AIDS, homosexuality and workplace sexual harassment, “it was like a bomb went off.”

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