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Not you, too, New York.

28 Sep

Kyle Dolinger, a tree specialist with Urban Arborists Inc. in Brooklyn, said, “The phones haven’t stopped ringing….I haven’t even been able to call everyone back yet.”

He said that in his 10 years in the business, this storm “is the worst I’ve seen.” He said that in Park Slope, “there are parts where it looks like a bomb exploded.”

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That bomb would not be known as a boating enthusiast.

11 Aug

Along the Little Ossipee River, quite a few trees were ripped out of the ground, blocking a favorite boating spot on the river.

“It looked like a bomb went off,” Dyer said of the wooded area owned by the Libby and Gerry families.

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New to the storm, but hip to the lingo.

9 Aug

Ted Mieszczanski lives in the southern part of Riverdale. While his home was fine, when he drove around the neighborhood the next day, 254th Street was a mess. “It looked like a bomb went off,” said Mieszczanski, “I mean there were trees that had been pulled out of the ground that were sitting in concrete and the concrete was turned over.”

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The bottomless trailer.

7 Jul

Brad Elliott, who lives in the park, said his trailer was spared — save for the skirt being blown off. Other trailers were flipped on their sides, or missing from their spots.

“It just looks like a bomb went off,” he said.

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5 Jun

Abdalla said trees in the area were ripped up by their roots and some trees had the tops torn off.

“It looked like a bomb went off,” Abdalla said.

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Brent Rud … Part II.

3 Jun

“As I closed that door it was like a trigger, like a bomb went off and it just like a sonic boom hits you, and I just kind of made my way for that door and I thought that’s going to be my salvation and turns out it was, as you can see.” In a matter of seconds … Brent Rud was riding out the tornado … as it ripped through the building

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Brent Rud, Part I

1 Jun

But as he closed the truck door, the wind picked up suddenly.

“It was like a bomb went off,” he said.

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